Are You Ready For Golf?

November 8, 2022

Are You Ready For Golf?

Golf Screens at THP

Are you getting better at golf this off season? How do you know? Like anything we want to get better at, we have to test it and ensure that we are achieving the results we want. You can track a whole bunch of things, like greens in regulation, fairways hit, scrambling percentage, club head speed and much much more. But are you doing any testing for your body? If not, that could be the big domino that needs to fall to impact everything mentioned above.

THP Golf Specific Screens

At THP, we have created a tried and true golf specific movement and power screen to not only set baselines for where you are currently, but also help you understand the fastest and easiest path to get you where you want to go. We utilize a version of the following golf screens to help athletes of all ages and ability levels get their body ready for golf. Check out an in depth look at each screen we offer below.

Fundamental Assessment (In-Person AND Virtual)

The fundamental screen has everything we need to see what your body can do and to build a dialed in training program to help improve what you may struggle with. Here is what it looks like:

  • Ignite Screen - This helps us understand your history, your injuries, how you like to be coached, what lights your fire, and what you want to accomplish so we know exactly where you want to go.
  • Health Screen - The Health Screen explores some non fitness related attributes that you may benefit from some education on. We dive deep on nutrition, sleep, stress, hydration, anxiety, mental clarity and more to ensure you can get the most out of any program we design for you.
  • InBody - This quick body composition test reports back your entire body composition with over 99% accuracy compared to the gold standard. You will be able to identify where you need to add muscle, strip body fat, and improve other biometric markers.
  • Movement Screen - This is the basis of each program. We use over 20 movement tests to compile a roadmap for where we will take your program. We will assess your overhead squat, balance, upper and lower body mobility, and much more. (how we screen the neck)

The Fundamental screen gives you an in depth look into what is needed most to help get you from point A to point Z in your movement. This screen is easily completed both virtually and in-person!

The Elite Assessment (In-Person Only)

The Elite Screen is THPs Most popular screen for golfers. Not only does it give you an in depth look at your movement ability, but it also looks at your output. The Elite Screen has the following:

  • Ignite Screen - Listed above
  • Health Screen - Listed above
  • InBody - Listed above
  • Movement Screen - Listed Above
  • Grip Strength Testing - A person's grip strength is correlated to the amount of tension and power they can produce. While we employ more specific strength testing in your training, this is a great place to start when comparing your overall full body strength to norms.
  • Lower Body Power Testing - We utilize Hawkin Dynamic Force Plates to ascertain the most accurate output data when it comes to your lower body power. The body's ability to create lower body thrust and power is directly correlated to club head speed. The higher you can jump, the more potential you have for massive club head speed numbers
  • Upper Body Power Testing - THP and Proteus have teamed up to offer all client access to the one of a kind Proteus device. The Proteus gives real time power output numbers and tracks changes over time. We look at a person's ability to push, pull, and rotate directly tying your rotation potential to an objective number.

The Elite screen is the go to for all athletes interested in taking a look at the data behind their output numbers and understanding why they may be coming up short in different key categories. It has everything you need to set yourself up for success and get on the road to crushing your goals.

Advanced Rotational Power Screen (In-Person Only)

Not interested in the movement aspect of performance? No problem. The Advance Rotational Power Screen is designed to look at output only. It is perfect for those wanting to see how they stack up against the competition. The most frequent user of this screen is someone who loves doing their own training and just wants something to identify if they are improving. This screen takes out all of the movement assessment and questionnaires and is solely focused on power and strength output. It includes:

  • Advanced Lower Body Power Testing - We pull back all the curtain on this one and dive into the details on how you create lower body power. This includes looking at metrics like Braking RFD, Relative Propulsive Power, mRSI, Jump Momentum and much more. We also include RSI testing to check your explosiveness
  • Advanced Upper Body Power Testing - We pull out all the stops with our advanced upper body power testing. We match up specific tests to identify an athletes ability to create:
  • Concentric Rotational Power
  • Explosive Rotational Power
  • Rotary Connection
  • Upper Body Power

This screen is for those who want all the data, and want to see how they are improving each month, quarter, or any other time period.

Get Signed Up For A Screen

We have designed our screens to meet you where you are. Anyone wanting to train with THP needs to get screened first, but we wanted to ensure you had options available to fit your needs. If you are interested in taking the next step, hit us up and let’s get you scheduled, no matter where you are in the world.

**P.S. you can add a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screen to any of our screens.**


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