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Hans Birkholz

Hans Birkholz

Competitive scratch golfer

THP member since: July 2019
Goal (before training with THP): Improve golf performance
Results (after training with THP): "My golf game has improved. I am more flexible, and I have more stability and power to hit the ball further and on the intended line."
Favorite aspect of THP training: "The trainers. They really care about me and want to see me improve. I also like the evaluation aspect of the program. I think it is critical to evaluate whether progress is being made and where the gaps are. It's a fun environment. [A favorite moment was] completing an overhead squat. When I first came to THP I could not do one. By working with Ash we were able to get me the mobility and stability to do one."
What three words would you use to describe THP? “Professional, motivating, fun”

Carrie Birth

Carrie “CB” Birth

Elite long-distance runner

THP member since: July 2019
Goal (before training with THP):
Prepare to run the marathon in the Olympics
Results (after training with THP):
"[Training] lets me run. My dreams and goals, what I go to bed early for and wake up early for, are running based – they don't happen if I can't get to the starting line. THP has enabled that. I am definitely STRONGER and sturdier, even visibly so – my progress on the bench press went from wobbling and merely holding the bar, to now I can do 75 lbs 4x."
Favorite aspect of THP outside of training:
"Probably my relationship with [my coach] Chris. Many ups and downs over the course of my journey, some sport-related, some life-related, and he has been there for all of it."
What three words would you use to describe THP?
“Organized, reliable, athlete-engineered”

Kolton Lapa

Kolton Lapa

Aspiring pro golfer

THP member since: September 2020
Goal (before training with THP):
Improve golf performance
Results (after training with THP):
"THP is the best fitness environment I have ever been in. They have helped me so much by increasing my flexibility and also becoming a stronger, faster individual. The team at THP takes the time to develop a workout for me on the road which is a big bonus for me. When I am at THP, I love the program they designed for me and it’s the first time I’ve actually noticed workouts helping my performance."
Favorite THP moment:
"I could go on and on about my favorite moments at THP but overall it’s interacting with the staff who make the entire experience that much better. I know when I walk into THP that I am going to be around people supporting me and my goals and they are always going to be there to push me to become better. I couldn't be more thankful for finding THP because without their help I wouldn't be where I am today!"

Michael Weinstein

Michael Weinstein

Former college football player

THP member since: July 2019
Goal (before training with THP):
Lose 100 pounds by this time next year
Results (after training with THP):
“I am currently down 40-50lbs and still going strong. And in the last 7 months, I’ve lost 23 pounds of fat while gaining 8.2 lbs muscle. All thanks to THP!!!!"
Favorite aspect of training with THP:
"The people, plain and simple. Ash, Spencer, Chris, and Dalton are some of the most genuine and inspirational people I have met. They make the whole workout worth going to and training harder than I did the day before. I love all of them as if they were my own family. Also, being an aspiring physician, I love being able to understand the fundamental aspects of each workout and being able to talk to them on a more clinical/athletic trainer type of level that makes me understand the how and why I am doing each workout."


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