Building Power for Golf

February 4, 2021
1 min read

In order to be the most efficient and effective at expressing power in your swing, you must encompass strength in all planes of motion!

At Tatum Human Performance, we accomplish this by training the fundamental movements, which are horizontal push and horizontal pull, vertical push and vertical pull, squat, hinge, carry and lunge. These patterns make up all movement, especially those of athletes, such as a golf swing, tennis hit and hockey shot.

Increase your power by building your strength.

When you focus on the fundamental patterns in the program you use to train, you will, over time increase your power. More often, we see athletes constantly max out with weight and not actually see any change in their sport. But we believe that if you spend enough time building strength, the power will follow. We suggest training with sets of 6 - 12 reps, and focusing on that for a longer period of time. You will choose a weight that makes those reps feel like a solid match, able to maybe do one more but not any after that!

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Do you need ideas on what fits these patterns? Check our Instagram page! We shared a video specifically discussing strength and power, here.

We will be sharing more here in a power series over the next couple of weeks, also!  


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