Do You Even Journal, Bro?

May 6, 2021
2 min read

Journaling... it might seem daunting but it really doesn't have to be. Some personality types (COUGH::me::COUGH) might be led to believe they have to order a new journal and fancy gel pens and get their calligraphy training finished before they can finally start to journal... but that is not necessary! Say it with me, That. Is. Not. Necessary.

Grabbing a notebook and a regular ole' pen will work out splendidly. Journaling has many health and wellness benefits and we want to share a few with you!

  1. Set and Achieve Goals - mapping out what your goals are and writing them down actually serves as a blueprint for your brain! You're telling your brain "this is important!"
  2. Mental Health - journaling can help you manage anxiety, identify stressors and provide an outlet for the internal dialogue with have with yourself!
  3. Self-Discipline - journaling enables us to slow down for a few minutes and create some guard rails in our schedule.
  4. Inspire Creativity - writing whatever comes to mind allows us to exercise parts of our brain that aren't necessarily being stretched all that often. Journalling allows you to be creative and express yourself in a very safe way.

Journaling allows you the space to heal, if you need it, the space to be creative, if you want it, and the space to be light, unload your junk! Again, this isn't about a work of art, this is just about letting yourself enjoy the few quiet moments you set aside. Keep it enjoyable.

Let us know if you will be starting a journal, or if you journal regularly now!


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