July 14, 2020
2 min read

We deeply care about you, your health and your mindset here at THP. As we continue to grapple with the escalating health crisis, we want to enable you to regain a sense of control regarding your health and share five ways to remain healthy during this time.

Keeping yourself healthy requires habits and not just quick solutions, so we want you to focus on making these tips a pattern.

1. Sleep

Did you know, sleep is the number one recovery tool and one of the most misused! Knowing that, it should encourage us to take our sleep more seriously. We suggest 7-10 hours of adequate sleep per day, which might sound crazy, but it’s what will allow your body the most healing. We also know it isn’t just about the quantity of sleep but also about the quality of sleep. Our sleep should be consistent, and solid. We recommend a sleep schedule and limiting the amount of disturbances.

2. Hydration

Hydration is a key component to health. When we are well hydrated, our immune system functions at a higher quality, our sleep improves and our joints and muscle tissue perform better. A good rule of thumb is to consume at least half of your body weight in ounces or 128oz of water per day. You can visually see how well hydrated you are by glancing into the toilet after relieving yourself. If the bowl is mostly clear, you’re doing a great job!

3. Food

90% of your immune function is based on your gut health and food has a huge impact on gut health. We, again, want you to focus on the quality here and not just the quantity. Most of the time, if you can get the quality of foods right, it will align the quantity of food consumed. Eating food that is high in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables, have an immense impact on our ability to combat disease. On the flip side, eliminating simple sugar foods like candy and sweets, will help your immune system to recover from day to day stress.

4. Alcohol

This is not to say that we must eliminate alcohol completely, but we are asking that this is consumed in moderation. Alcohol depresses our immune system and affects the quality of sleep.

5. Stress Management

Right now, stress levels are high with so many questions unanswered. Stress comes in four types - physical, mental, environmental and emotional. Physical and environmental stressors can be the removal of toxicity around you; quality of air, social media, etc. Mental and emotional stressors require a period of decompression; going on a walk, meditation, etc. Studies have shown there is a 52 minute work to rest balance. For every 52 minutes you are working, take 8 minutes to walk around, get some fresh air, smile with a friend or family member. Our emotional health should be a top priority.

We care for you and hope that these tips will allow you to not only survive but thrive.

We will see you next time!


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