How to Create a Successful Diet that Lasts and Gets Results

August 2, 2019
2 min read

Is dieting simple? Most times, no. Most people find themselves confused, overwhelmed, and misled from the constantly changing fad diets. But now, we are going to clear up the complicated diet world with a simple plan to eliminate the confusion. One of the principle agreements of THP is, "We don’t believe in problems. We only see challenges and the opportunity to find the next solution." No longer will you have to see diets and your nutrition as a challenge. Let's breakdown this successful diet challenge with expert secrets:

1.  Focus on the quality of food over the quantity of food. We get so hyper-focused on how many calories, or the quantity, we are eating that we don't look at the quality of the food that makes up those calories. The quality is where the true magic of food is and makes dieting – dare I say – fun! How can it be fun? Because good quality food tastes good. Really good. Also, when you are eating good quality foods, you naturally get full before you overeat, so then your quantity naturally regulates itself.  

2.  Take the time to enjoy your meal and appreciate the good nutrients that the food provides to your body. Think about it – when is the last time you actually tasted your food? So many times we rush through a meal or just drink some mixer shake in order to check lunch off the to-do list. When we actually disconnect from the distractions of the day to eat real, whole food, there are great physical and mental benefits! We breakdown the food we are consuming better, absorb the nutrients more efficiently, and lower internal stress level as we connect to what the food is doing for our bodies. This aspect is missed in a lot of diet plans, but it is essential to a sustainable and successful diet.

3. Have a plan of when, what, and where you will be eating. Not having a plan leads down a slippery slope of leaving our nutrition up to chance. Ever heard of being hangry or going on a pantry raid? When we are emotional, tired, and overwhelmed, we tend to be reactive in the moment of making a food decision instead of being proactive. Having convenient, healthy options is likely top of mind for you when you go to define a "successful diet."

Scheduling your trips to the store and creating your grocery list will keep your fridge stocked with nutritious foods. Alternatively, you can maximize your busy schedule or mix up the routine and go to a fresh favorite, Chop Shop in Old Town Scottsdale – have the plan to go for lunch at 12 pm on Wednesday. The small details of when, what, and where can save you time, keep you consistent, and add progress to your goals.  

The next time you feel the need to change your diet or get back on track, follow THP’s three secrets to a successful diet. Prioritize quality of food instead of calories, take time to eat a meal, and have a simple and organized plan of attack to achieve your goals. If you incorporate these strategies, you will achieve your goals, have less stress, and experience what it's like for a diet to be fun.


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