Meet Chris Reed

August 1, 2019
1 min read


"Good things happen to those who hustle"

Chris' deep-rooted interest in sport and competition throughout childhood drove his interest in the body's inner workings.

Chris studied Kinesiology at the University of Illinois and Athletic Training at the University of Arkansas in an effort to bring his passion for sports and helping people together.

To really impact athletes, he wanted to minimize the risk of ever needing to see an athletic trainer. He set out for a mentor to help guide him, which is when he found Spencer Tatum and THP.

Chris makes it his daily mission to help athletes fortify their bodies and stay competing at their highest level. His true passion is helping everyone he comes in contact with to understand how they can move better and decrease their injury risk, all while becoming healthier, happier, and enjoying what they love to do.

Education and certifications: M-ATC, CSCS, TPIF- Level 1, FMS


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