Meet Spencer Tatum

August 1, 2019
1 min read


"Win the day."

Spencer's unique approach to fitness, performance training, and coaching stems from being an elite college athlete and suffering injuries. He firmly believes there is a clear pathway for clients to reach their goals, which he is carrying out through the development of THP.

As a leader and innovator in the field, he has been featured on ESPN for his work in the NFL; CBS sports for his training with Jon Rahm; PGA Tour Superstar; and numerous other media.

He earned his degree in Exercise Physiology at Ohio University and holds numerous certifications in various disciplines.

Spencer is also a husband and father who loves learning, movies, and new adventures that challenge the human spirit. He strives not only to ignite your passion for his field of expertise but to live the life you imagined by being your very best self.

Education and certifications: BS Exercise Physiology
CSCS, TPI, FMS Level II, OPEX, USA Weightlifting


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