Mobility for Golf

September 9, 2020
1 min read

What's up everyone! Welcome back to the blog! Today, we will be discussing mobility. Mobility is defined as the ability to move through a range of motion - and that is encompassing of day-to-day motion, not just training.

The reason that mobility is so essential in golf specifically is because if you do not have adequate mobility, compensations will occur. For instance, if the shoulders can not rotate open, your lower back will compensate and that could cause serious injury!

Mobility is also important because it is the gateway to stability followed by strength and finally power. Isn't that where most of us want to end up? But we can not even access that power without the adequate levels of mobility as our foundation!

Here at THP, we will address mobility issues first and the rest will follow! If you'd like more information about training with us, shoot us an email and we will be happy to discuss!

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