Optimized Human Performance: What is that?

February 3, 2020
3 min read

Here at THP, we like to take a holistic view of fitness, keeping in mind that it isn’t just diet or exercise but your lifestyle as a whole that will contribute to your success.

Today, we will be talking about optimum human performance and what exactly that term means.

We’ve broken it down into five key strategies that can help you line up your lifestyle with your fitness journey to perform at an optimum level.

Key 1 : Health

Here, we define health as living a certain quality of life. Our first step in getting you healthy is to do basic outcome tests. Those tests include blood work, blood pressure, hormone levels and resting heart rate. These measures give us much insight into what’s happening inside of your body. You may feel great on the outside but unknowingly be living alongside deficiencies. Taking a look at your biometrics, we can assist in figuring out how to help you feel better. We will also walk through what the numbers and levels mean before we take a step toward interventions like medications.

Key 2 : Body Composition Screening

With a full body screening, we are not just looking at body fat percentage or muscle mass, we’re also checking your hydration and getting a baseline for your individual journey. Currently, we use the InBody screening. The InBody is extremely reliable and less invasive than getting pinched, poked or prodded by a typical body composition test and has been found to be just as reliable as the Dexa scan! With the InBody, you don’t have to strip down to your bathing suit, but you can just kick your socks and shoes off and get results within a minute. What we’re looking for is data or feedback to help drive decisions to optimize your performance.

Key 3 : Lifestyle

How are you sleeping? How is your stress? How well do you recover? Is the way you’re managing your life impacting you positively or negatively? These lifestyle factors are absolutely vital in how well you’re performing day-to-day. Alongside the InBody Screening, we can identify areas of improvement and that is the first step towards healthy changes.

Key 4 : Movement Screen

Were you aware that movement has a direct correlation to how the brain performs? The two screening companies that we use exclusively are the Functional Movement Screen and the Titleist Performance Screen. This assessment will give us insight for individual patterns of movement that we can ignite, correct, develop or avoid.

During this evaluation process, we are looking to catch a symptom or a sign before it becomes a bigger issue. A lot of times, folks do not pay attention to the warnings their body is giving them and continue pushing without proper maintenance. We use these screens throughout your time with us to ensure that we are making the right decisions to help you reach your goals.

Key 5 : Fitness

Notice that fitness is the last key we are touching on because like stated above, we view your fitness journey as a whole. We take the patterns and positioning that we learned during the evaluations and add intensity, duration and load. That’s fitness - taking functional patterns and putting it under stress! We look at fitness from a global and individual perspective and allow users to identify what their specific goals are that can optimize their health and optimize their life.

We ask that you do not just throw things at the wall and see what sticks. Let’s really get a deeper insight into your body and help you make moves that will pay off! We’re here to meet you where you are and get you where you want to be.

Want to change your life, raise your standards.

See you next time!


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