September 14, 2020
1 min read

We are excited to really dive into two of the items in the PRoZE line - Nerve Cream and Yipeez!

PRoZE Nerve cream is a topical pain cream that is a BROAD SPECTRUM product, meaning the whole hemp plant is used. Along with the CBD, this product includes several essential oils that enhance the effects of the CBD- helping with the soothing of aches, muscle tightness, nerve discomfort, and the increase of local circulation.  This product also has several anti-inflammatory properties!

Yipeez is PRoZE gum! Yipeez has CBD isolate in it, meaning that the whole hemp plant is NOT used, leading to benefits in the focus, clarity, and concentration department. No "YIPS" here!

Here's the best news... THP got our hands on some samples! If you'd like one, ask your trainer to point you in the right direction the next time you're there!


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