Revolutionizing Human Performance: Unleashing the Power of Innovative Technology at Tatum Human Performance

August 1, 2023
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Hey there, HumanPerformance Enthusiast! Spencer Tatum here, the Founder and President of Tatum Human Performance (THP). Today, I’m thrilled to share an exciting development that has taken our training experience to a new level. At THP, we believe in pushing the boundaries of human performance, and to achieve that, we’ve invested in cutting-edge technology. With the integration of Hawkins Dynamic Force Plates and Proteus motion, we’ve unlocked a treasure trove of unique data that is revolutionizing how we approach individual training programs and helping us achieve unparalleled results.

Delving into Data for Unmatched Personalization:

As the driving force behind THP, my vision has always centered on helping individuals reach their peak potential. However, I understood that traditional training methods often fail to provide genuinely personalized solutions. That’s when I began exploring innovative technologies that could give us a deeper understanding of each individual’s capabilities, limitations, and progress.

Enter Hawkins Dynamic Force Plates and Proteus motion—two game-changing technologies that have reshaped the training approach. The Hawkins Dynamic Force Plates are a state-of-the-art force measuring system that captures intricate details about an individual’s movements and kinetic patterns. They allow us to analyze force distribution, power output, and much more, enabling us to uncover hidden strengths and weaknesses.

Complementing this system, Proteus Motion provides a comprehensive view of an individual’s range of motion, joint angles, and muscle activation. By precisely tracking these vital metrics, we gain invaluable insights into movement efficiency and potential areas for improvement. Together, these technologies form an unbeatable combination, enabling us to create highly personalized training programs that cater to the unique needs of each individual.

Driving Unparalleled Results:

The integration of Hawkins Dynamic Force Plates and Proteus motion into our training process has revolutionized the way we approach performance enhancement. By harnessing the power of data, we can now make informed decisions and provide evidence-based solutions to our clients. The unique insights we gather allow us to tailor training programs, correct imbalances, prevent injuries, and enhance overall performance.

With this data-driven approach, our clients experience accelerated progress like never before. We’re no longer relying on guesswork or generic protocols. Instead, we can design precise training regimens that focus on addressing specific weaknesses and maximizing strengths. By doing so, we’re unlocking untapped potential, enabling our clients to surpass their goals and achieve extraordinary results.

Beyond the Numbers: A Holistic Approach

While integrating innovative technology has undoubtedly transformed our training experience, it’s important to note that we remain committed to a holistic approach. We firmly believe that numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. Human performance encompasses physical, mental, and emotional aspects, and our programs embrace this multidimensional perspective.

At THP, we understand that success lies in building a supportive community, fostering mental resilience, and nurturing overall well-being. Our training environment is designed to inspire, motivate, and empower individuals to conquer their challenges inside and outside the gym. Technology is a powerful tool, but it’s the human connection and the passion we bring to our work that truly elevates the THP experience.


The integration of Hawkins Dynamic Force Plates and Proteus motion technology has ushered in a new era of human performance at Tatum Human Performance. By leveraging the power of data, we’re empowering individuals to reach unprecedented heights and shatter their limitations. With our personalized, evidence-based solutions, we’re transforming the way we approach training and achieving remarkable results.

So, whether you’re an elite athlete looking to gain that competitive edge or an everyday fitness enthusiast striving for personal growth, THP is here to support you on your journey. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of human potential, fueled by the fusion of cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication. Together, we’ll redefine what it means to achieve greatness.

Stay strong, stay focused, and let’s embark on this extraordinary adventure together!

Yours in performance,

Spencer Tatum

Founder and President, Tatum Human Performance (THP)


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