SPEED Strength in Golf

February 19, 2021
2 min read

What is "speed strength?" Great question! Within the game of golf, every mph added to a golf swing equates to about 3 yards of added distance. Speed strength is training specifically to add speed behind your power.

Here at Tatum Human Performance, we do this by taking you through a pattern, really, really quickly. Like we discussed in our last blog, Building Power, most people assume that you needs to life heavy in order to build big muscles and move it into power, but if you're advanced in your training, the way to build power is to practice by swinging something light.

Increase club head speed by swinging something light as fast as you can.

Think about it like this, when you're running downhill, you get assistance from gravity. Which, in turn, can help you to establish a pattern of running at that speed. Of course, if you're losing your balance and running like a wild gorilla, that's not a good thing. But if you can train to run with the assistance and keep your form, it's very helpful.

That is where the Super Speed Trainer comes in... it's a golf club with a varying weight on the end of it. In the video posted on our instagram, Dalton has a light club and he swung it as hard and fast as possible. You keep proper form, swing hard and your body starts to form the pattern. We suggest five all out efforts and then switch to something a little heavier and give that five all out efforts. This training will help increase speed.

We use the Super Speed Trainer in studio with our advanced clientele, and before you go to amazon and two-day ship it, make sure your base is solid. The importance of full body strength and functional movement for power is first and foremost. Check out this blog and post on instagram. If you have these boxes checked, and you still feel like you're missing out on power, that is when you start implementing speed strength. If you have questions or want to see more, check out out our instagram, or shoot us a DM.


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