Steady State Cardio

February 24, 2021
1 min read

Steady State Cardio (SSC) is very beneficial to both beginner and advanced athletes! Because of the prolonged duration and targeted heart rate zone, this form of cardio has tons of benefits!

When done in the correct heart rate zone, 125-145 bpm, SSC can help burn fat because your body will utilize the oxygen to break down fat for energy. SSC can improve your muscles ability to handle oxygenated blood by creating more mitochondria within the muscle cell. In terms we can understand, the more mitochondria within a cell, the more energy can be produced with oxygen. The benefits work in conjunction with one another! Lastly, SSC has been shown to have positive mental effects! The endorphins released can boost your mood, that's where the term "runner's high" came from!

When Steady State training, keep your exertion at about a 6 out of 10. This will allow for great recovery and lots of excellent training benefits. If you are interested in learning more, follow us on our Instagram or shoot us a DM and get in touch!


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