THP Partnering with Whoop Band

January 13, 2020
2 min read

THP has been beta testing using the Whoop band with its professional athletes over the last few months. The Whoop Strap is a fitness wearable that collects physiological data 24/7 and offers real recommendations to athletes based on their day strain, sleep, and recovery scores throughout the week. THP is thrilled about the partnership with Whoop as both companies share the same mission: to optimize human performance.

About the Whoop Band

The Whoop band tracks your heart rate at all times throughout the day and offers live data during training sessions. The main three categories it separates your data into are strain, recovery and sleep. By connecting to the Whoop App, the athlete can see their sleep performance (hours sleeping vs sleep needed to recover), time in bed and amount of time spent in different stages of sleep.

It also tracks the intensity of, not only your training, but your day as whole. It uses this to calculate a "day strain" based on your cardiovascular load. The longer your heart rate is elevated, the higher the strain.

Lastly, it gives you a recovery score. This score is based on your heart rate variability, resting HR and sleep. THP uses this data to prescribe the correct training at the correct time to ensure our athletes are recovering and peaking optimally.

THP aims to use this partnership to bring accurate data to our members and encourage healthy habits in regards to personal recovery. Sleep is a huge factor with injury, illness and recovery and the Whoop band helps paint a picture for clients in order to help them score better in all three areas. With beta testing at the THP studio complete, all clients of THP are eligible to grab their own Whoop band and join our team!

Interested in purchasing a Whoop band? Let us know and we will connect you with our discount code and add you to our THP Team!


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