Camelback Event

February 11, 2020
1 min read

THP had a really great event on January 31st at Camelback Golf Club with Titleist Performance Institute.

We offered free assessments with over 15 being completed and more scheduled for a later date in our facility!

Through those screenings, we noticed quite a few of the same issues- lack of or too much mobility, balance, rotation and disassociation of the upper and lower body. However, even with most people struggling in the same areas, their golf swings looked completely different.

Chris Reed, Head of Program Design at THP, gave us some tips on how one can improve some of those deficiencies on their screening...

  • Don't rely on two feet or hands all the time.

Take some time to be on one foot, or use your non-dominant arm during day-to-day    activities to increase your ability.

  • Improving general mobility will only get you so far.

Pair new mobility with congruent stability of the new range of motion in order to utilize it.

  • Don’t cut the core!

The power we have between our upper and lower body can help transfer power from the ground up, help us to be more resilient, and help us to express our abilities more freely.

Dynamic and static core work, done the proper way, are the fundamentals of a good plan.

Thanks to Camelback Golf Club and TPI for a great event!

We look forward to seeing you at the next one!


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