Stability in Golf

September 22, 2020
1 min read

Last week, we discussed the importance of mobility in your golf game and today, we will round that out by discussing stability. Mobility is only as good as the stability that accompanies it. Let's dive in.

Whether you are playing golf or just trying to move well, stability is crucial. Stability is the ability to control your mobility... whew that was a mouthful, right? But that is exactly why the two go hand in hand. You can not enjoy the benefits of mobility without the stability portion.

Likewise, sometimes a lack of mobility can actually be a stability problem. This is the reason THP has a clear screening process that includes the FMS. With this screen, we are able to evaluate whether a stability issue is indeed a stability issue or if it is simply a lack of mobility in the joint. Getting those things in line will allow you to access your strength and power and ignite your game!


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