Swing Faster without Getting Stronger?

February 19, 2021
2 min read

Dalton shared a phrase with us that maybe you haven't heard before, leaking oil. Do you know what it means to be leaking oil? Read on to find out!

Are you plenty strong? Doing all the right things? Training for speed? Training for strength? But you aren't as efficient in your swing as you think you should be... WHY?

Your legs might be developing enough force into the ground and your lower body might be generating the power necessary but as that power moves up your body, it starts to leak. Power begins at the feet, moves to the knees, the hips and the core, then to the arms and finally the club and the club head. If enough lag is created as that power goes up the chain, you will get enough whip to really move the ball. But if the power fizzles as it moves throughout your body, you will not get the power in the swing.

You have what you need but you're losing it up the chain? You might not need to get stronger but get more efficient.

As Dalton discussed in the video above, there are three exercises you can do to help from leaking oil.

First is the Supine Alternating Bug.

Second is the Prone Alternating Shoulder Tap.

Third we have the Tall Kneeling Pallof Press.

Do these exercises two to three times a week, especially before you play golf or hit the range and you should see improvement. Click the photo to be taken to the demonstration and use the 3x10 method for each exercise.

We always focus on helping athletes create more power and efficiency in their swing of choice. If you want more of this, check out our instagram or shoot us a DM.

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