Body composition, nutrition, hydration, stress, anxiety, and sleep - what do these have in common?


Now, there are two different parts to pushing. We have our vertical push, which is any movement that presses overhead. We also have our horizontal push; this would be any movement that presses away from the torso. Both are vitally important for performance in everyday life and sport.

Being able to carry load and stabilize in different positions is critical for a higher quality of life.

Anyone living in today's age understands that there is not a short supply of diet options. Figuring out if a diet aligns with someone's lifestyle and goals can be the tricky part.

Pulling is one of the most widely used concepts in training. There are two types of pulls: horizontal and vertical.

At THP, our initial assessment involves a lifestyle screen, an InBody scan, upper body and lower body mobility screens, a vertical power screen and a rotational power test.